Tartan Caledonia

Address:  47 Wellmeadow, Blairgowrie, PH10 6ND

Shop Overview:

The Weaving Studio is a little bit ‘quirky’ according to Ashleigh Slater, the man behind Blairgowrie’s handcrafted tartan.

It is first and foremost a co-working studio where tweed and tartan are designed and crafted, however, it also welcomes visitors to browse between the looms at an array of beautiful crafts made here by other local artisans. 

Ashleigh’s studio, among other independent artists, can be found nestled within Nest Creative Spaces. Come along!

Tartan Caledonia – formally Breacon Caledonia and warpweftweave studio.

Ashleigh’s work on his tartan business began in 2012.

The studio designs bespoke hand-woven tartans for families, businesses, and corporate clients.

The hand-crafted tartans are woven on traditional hand-looms, weaving scarfs and stoles.

The studio also designs, and sources manufacture of the tartan in various weights for clients. The studio’s primary focus is now the three T’s – tartan, tweed & tuition.

Ashleigh is committed to every design aspect, and he treats every client as unique as every hand-woven piece of cloth woven in rural Perthshire, Scotland. 

Ashleigh also offers a unique service where he takes looms into other workshops around Scotland. And so far these workshops have been successfully run at schools and working with care homes and day-centers to create unique experiences helping older people with dementia.



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